Is there anything more wonderful as a parent than to look back at photos of your children and remember how their hair smelled like sunshine and their dimpled hands were always sticky when they grabbed your cheeks? I always hope that my clients feel something like this when they look at the portraits we make together of their families. I cleaned out my parents' home about four years ago, and as the family photographer, I brought boxes upon boxes of photos home with me because moments matter to me. I will always, obviously, get the portrait of the whole family in various forms... BUT what is even more important to me, is capturing you, the parent, with each of your children individually. When I think about which specific photos mean the most to me of my own family, my mind is consistently drawn to the one of me and my mom cheek to cheek and the one of my dad kissing my face when I was a year old. Those are the ones that grab my heart and remind me of where I came from. Give that gift to your children. They may not appreciate now, but I guarantee they will.