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Hey Everyone:

I'm so happy you're here!

Here are a few things you should know about me. I'm an animal lover (cats most of all), a coffee drinker, and a book reader. I'm on the perpetual search for the perfect song. Connection, vulnerability, and the perfect light inspires my soul. I am forever craving the beach; it's the place I feel the most at peace. I dream of being an author.

I am married to my high school sweetheart and fellow nerd. My proudest accomplishment is mothering my two beautiful children (also nerds!). I have been a caregiver for my parents since 2012. I am an Alzheimer's advocate, and work hard to educate people on the disease through my own personal experiences.

My favorite way to relieve stress is on the tennis court. I am an old soul, moved to my core by beautiful words and meaningful photographs. I am an empathic, highly sensitive introvert; an enneagram 4 and an INFJ, for my fellow personality nerds. I'm a recovering people pleaser and work hard to maintain healthy boundaries. (Don't we all?)

My logo is symbolic of #thetreeonloverslanebyjs that I drove by every single day (twice actually) as I was caring for my parents in their home. My mom and dad were bird lovers, so, the two birds on the right of the tree symbolize the two of them together as their journey comes to an end. The one bird on the left symbolizes me, getting back my wings and rebuilding this business that I love so much. I love that photography truly does freeze a moment, and I'm honored to do that for you!

Joni Streit Photography, Indianapolis Photographer, Indy Photographer, Family photographer, Senior photographer