Do I have to order prints through you?

Of course it would be preferred, as my professional lab is color calibrated with my computer, giving you the most accurate representation of my editing style.

Small prints ordered on your own are fine... that's why you purchased a digital package! But the larger prints (say 11x14 and larger) I ask that you order through me.

An external lab that I frequently recommend is Artifact Uprising. I especially love their small prints and the texture of the paper they use!

How do we decide what to wear?

Isn't this the hardest part!? I have a couple of tips.

1) Look around your home. If the photos you take with me are going to be used as wall decor (as we hope they will) find the color themes in your home that will coordinate well. For instance: if you have grays, teals, and mustard yellows, and everyone in your family dresses in pink and purple... you are going to be less inclined to hang the photos on your wall because they just won't match.

2) Prints are okay!!! Mixing and matching prints and textures is great. Everyone wearing matching khaki pants and white shirts... not okay, and truthfully, kind of boring. Use this chance to express yourselves. Dress your little girl in that twirly flowery dress you love. Put a flower in your hair. Dress your son in that sweater you love on him. The more comfortable (within reason... no sweatpants, y'all!!) you are in the clothes you choose, the better you'll be able to relax and enjoy showing me how much you love your family.

3) No obnoxious logos. No neon colors. No Disney characters. (trust me!)

4) If you have darkening glasses, please consider not wearing them on the day of your session.

5) Always feel free to text me pictures of your clothing choices. I may be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but I do love putting colors together and offering opinions.

Why do you overshoot and give galleries of over 100 images?

Here's the thing. I do overshoot because the moment that matters to you may NOT be the one that stands out to me. If your little one has the cutest scrunched up little face when she's grumpy, I want you to pick the image that shows that the best.

That being said, I will weed out photos that are 1) generally bad
2) poorly lit and 3) unflattering. Making you look good is my job!

If your gallery is overwhelming for you, ASK me to help!! I can create a collage for you to hang on your wall to combine moments. We can put together a coffee table book, which is a great keepsake. There are ways to use the images we take and I'm happy to help!

How do we pay you?

I do all my invoicing via Paypal. If Venmo is a better option for you, I'm happy to take that as well. I also accept cash and check.

Payment to secure your spot is required upfront to get on my calendar. To finish out your package once the proofing gallery is ready, you'll select which direction you want to go, and products will be delivered/downloaded upon receipt of full payment.

What happens if it rains?

Considering Indiana is my home, this is an important question!! The weather changes on a dime and can be frustrating. I work on-location, but I do have a couple areas we can shoot if it is raining lightly. If it is storming, we obviously would reschedule. If we know far enough in advance that the weather is not going to cooperate, there are a few local studios we can rent out for your session for an additional fee.

How soon can I expect to receive my gallery?

Turnaround time is typically 2 weeks for the gallery. Prints take a little longer based on how long it takes for you to decide what you'd like as well as shipping time. I try to post a sneak peek in the meantime!