Life Update!

I haven't blogged in a very long time, but with my new website, it's pretty simple and seamless. In other words, I have NO excuse not to!

I am in a pretty huge transitional year in my life. Most people who know of me are aware of my parents' Alzheimer's journey. My dad passed away last year in May. My mom is currently on hospice. I spend every afternoon with her, feeding her lunch, fixing her hair, singing to her, taking her outside, and hugging her as much as I can. Her journey is coming to an end, and I'm determined to make the last days of her life as happy and comfortable as possible.

Colston, my oldest, is getting ready to move to Purdue University for his freshman year. He plans to study neuroscience with the tentative goal of being a psychiatrist. He isn't sure, and I don't think he should be. Who really knows what they want to be at age 18? He's such a kind soul and his intelligence is simply unmatched. He reminds me so much of my dad, and that's good for my heart.

My baby girl, Carlie, is almost 15. She's so beautiful and smart. She just started her freshman year in high school. She's less than happy that her brother is leaving for college. (We all are!) The two of them are best friends most days, and as a momma, I'm so grateful. She's also a tennis player, like her brother, and we are excited to see her high school career take off.

My husband and I have a hard time wrapping our minds around the fact that we only have four more years of a child still living at home. I'm not sure we are ready for that, but I'm sure we will adjust! Hopefully with a beach or two occasionally!

I have also had an active role in a local kitten rescue called Robin's Nest of Indy, Inc. I fostered for them until a rough fall of 2018 put me on hiatus for a year. I can't wait to have kittens in my house again. I also photograph all the available south side cats/kittens in our three locations for the Facebook page. There is no doubt that quality photos of animals increases the rate at which they are adopted, and I'm so proud to be a part of that. It isn't official yet, but I believe I will have a bigger role soon and I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Photography continues to be such a gift to me and a source of inspiration. I am not as busy as I used to be, as I had to step back while I was the main caregiver for my parents. It was a sacrifice that I would make all over again a million times. I'm grateful for the families who have stuck by my side and worked with my schedule. They have cheered me on and supported the ups and down, and I'm indebted to them forever.

I have a goal of writing here frequently. I don't just want to be the girl with the camera; I want to share my heart too.