I honestly think I have the very best job in the world. (besides maybe being a photographer in Africa for National Geographic, but I digress...) If you would have asked me 5 years ago who I considered my favorite people to photograph, I likely would have said families. That's what I knew best.

But my seniors... they have my heart. They are nervous, excited, scared, confident, confused, happy, clueless, and nostalgic, and I'm here for every single feeling. And we talk about it all. I like to think that my sessions are more than just me pointing a camera at a person. I hope, instead, that my sessions are a chance for my seniors to feel seen, valued, and supported. We will probably laugh. I will probably poke fun at them gently. We will definitely make fun of their parents. But at the end of the session, there's likely to be a hug.

Over the years, I discovered that I'm happiest working one-on-one with my subjects. Maybe it's getting older. Maybe it's being an introvert. Or maybe, it's just that I really love connection and real vulnerability. Seniors give me all of that and I'm so grateful.

Below are some recent favorites. If you're starting to look for a senior photographer for your Class of 2024 senior (I know, I'm sorry to bring it up...) I hope you'll keep me in mind. xoxo