I know it seems like we shouldn't be planning for your class of 2023 senior's portrait session yet but I am here to tell you why this needs to get on your calendar sooner than later. It's such an exciting time; this year I have a senior again as well. My daughter will be graduating and I share all the feelings you probably are having as well. Time slows for nobody, does it?

I like to encourage parents to book in the first semester... you can either get the summer tan look or the Indiana fall/winter look. Second semester gets busy very quickly and before you know it, April has arrived and my time to schedule your session becomes limited. This year it will be even busier for me personally as my son graduates in May from Purdue. his girlfriend graduates from Franklin College, my daughter has her senior varsity tennis season and then she graduates at the end of May. And that's not including orchestra concerts and awards ceremonies. It becomes very necessary for me to protect my availability during this time. And while I love a good procrastinator (like myself!), I don't want to disappoint people with a timeline that doesn't get their photos to them in my standard 2 week timeline. Also, I save some time slots in late April/May for cap and gown mini-sessions.

-Booking earlier in the year allows for reschedules in the event of illness or inclement weather.

-It allows for more time to plan the outfits and get feedback from me as needed.

-It will give your senior options if/when they are asked for a headshot for essays, scholarships or college applications.

-Scheduling early allows you to have the images to plan for open house and graduation announcements before the last minute.

-Getting this wrapped up early lets you check one more thing off the never-ending senior parent "to do" list. (and trust me, it's a long one!)

In an effort to make scheduling easy on everyone, for this year until April, I will be booking senior portrait sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays or Sundays. Sessions are typically booked in the evening to jive with my style of shooting. I TRULY love when seniors give me input into favorite locations, so ask them their thoughts. I have plenty of ideas and one goal this year is to add about 5-7 new locations to my rotation for the sake of more variety.

If you have more than one senior, I charge full price for the first and half price for each one after. My senior sessions are what gives me the most joy, so if cost is prohibitive and you need to work out a payment plan, do not be afraid to mention this.

I have 3 senior packages:




Details on each package can be found here on my website under the Investment tab.

There are a few add-on mini sessions that I offer to those who book the general or luxury senior session. Please inquire for more details.

I truly enjoy my time with my seniors. I love getting to know them, especially early in the year, so that I can cheer them on during the transitional time.

Please message via my website to be added to the list of Class of 2023 Seniors!